How to Look Good in White Pants

How to Look Good in White PantsNothing attracts more than a wonderful pair of cool white pants to make an outfit speak for itself. White pants look too stylish and adds magic to your personality but white pants at the same time can be unforgiving. If you are someone among the fatty crowd then you may have promised yourself not to touch white pants again after getting a negative remark on your clothing selection. This is poor! Even the overweight people have right to flatter in white pants. All you need to understand are few basics associated with styling yourself in white pants.

Some Ways To Look Good in White Pants

Wear pantyhose

Wearing pantyhose can be winning if you clad yourself in classic white pants. White pants have the tendency to reveal each and every lump in your bottom half which a quality made pantyhose can hide well as its holds your skin tight against the gravitation pull.

One size larger white pants

When you are on a plus size scale, then it seems like a good choice to buy one size larger white pants. Extremely skinny white pants are not a right choice if you don’t have a perfect slim figure, still if you want to get some hands on white pants then choosing a plus size will help.

Wear contrasting tops

Don’t be at fault and select any light colored top or t-shirt with your white pants. Try some bright and contrasting colors. You may also wear bright floral prints with white pants. This will redefine your shape and size in the most elegant manner and you would well be able to illustrate other about how to look good in white pants.

Tuck out your t-shirts, shirts and tops

When you wear white pants, make sure your t-shirts, shirts and tops are tucked out, tucking them in will show off your problem area while tucking them out will hide the extra chubbiness over your belly and waistline.

Wear high heals

Don’t go out in flats footwear when you wear a white pant. Make sure you take your heals on as you walk out of your premises. Heels with white pants are an impeccable match. You end up looking even classier than a royal touch wrap dress.

Accessorize yourself

Sometimes white pants may give a plain simple look, therefore you will need few catchy accessories to glam up your looks. You can pair up a matching handbag with your white pants or may accessorize your ears with big matching danglers.

Customize your white pants

If you have planned that you will not give up on white pants, then customizing your white bottoms is a great idea. Pocket linings are most visible in white pants, therefore cutting these and swing the left part with a nice white thread is one good thing you can do with your white pants to make them look nicer as you wear them.

Team up your white pants with a counter waist band

Not to mention that waist bands play a key role in accentuating your waist and those finer curves on your belly. Teaming up white pants with a counter waist band will adding a glamorous touch!