How To Look Good With Braces

How To Look Good With BracesIf you are a cute charming person, almost everything suits you, even the braces, trust me! Many people don’t agree with this thought. However everyone has the right to define beauty standards and experiment with their looks. But what if you really have braces and don’t find a way to look good with braces. Don’t panic! We are full of ideas on how to look good with braces. Probably you would like to try some listed techniques to look good with braces.

Cleanliness First

When you wear braces, the most you need is to have a clean bunch of braces which doesn’t have meal leftovers glued them. This makes you look like an unhygienic person and people would avoid talking to you once they are confirmed that your braces are telling what you had in the meal. Therefore maintaining clean braces and a hygienic mouth is must for looking good with braces on! Brush your teeth after each meal or snack. Although, it seems like a tedious task but once you are used to it, this will be a play trick for you. After all you can’t look good with least efforts. You have to get involved in the process. Good looks come with a pay off!

If you are a Girl with Braces

Girls are too conscious about their looks than guys. Therefore, we have some how-to tips for girls with braces. Hope that you will find these useful.

Don’t tie hair too tightly

If you are a girl with braes, one good advice is not tying your hair too tightly as the tighten hair makes your braces too obvious and visual while leaving them lose will cover up the effects of braces as the lose hair cover your side face.

Highlighting other facial features

When you want to look good with your braces on, the best advice is to draw people’s attention from your lips or mouth to other facial feature and what else better than eyes can help you best. Apply commendable make up on your eyes, so people may not want to look down and just admire your eyes. In this way you would be able to look too good with braces and the chances are that no one will even notice them.

Avoid Super Light Color Braces

Light color braces tend to get stained easily with the food you eat. Therefore, getting some colored braces like green, orange, pink would work best for you. Also you can choose braces according to the dress color you prefer to wear, so that may complement with your favorite party time dresses.

If you are a Guy with Braces

Having braces is pitiful for guys as it’s for girls. Even the guys shy away from showing their braces and often develop insecurity about their appearance. So dudes, we are here with some how to look good with braces ideas for you.

Curl Up your Hair

This may sound a bit crazy but guys with plain straight hair and braces in mouth looks like the dumbest creature ever while those with curly hair still flaunt with their braces. So what do you think can be the best choice?

Accessorize yourself

More the accessory you would wear, lesser the people will notice your braces. Shift their focus from braces to your fashion choices.