How to Make a Stocking Cap Weave

How to Make a Stocking Cap WeaveThe stocking cap weave is a kind of hair weaving and it involves attachment of hair extensions to a stocking cap using glue. With this simple technique you can use another hair texture, length and color to create a weave and so easily manage the different appearance whenever you like to have. Using wicker stocking cap is sewn to hair for more permanent look and you have option to wear it like and wig as well. Following given are steps for how to make a stocking weave cap. Undoubtedly they would seem hard at first but making some practice of same will end up in enjoyment.

Things Required- Blow dryer, hair extensions, stocking cap, scissors and weaving glue.

Steps for preparing stocking cap weave

  • There are types of weaves available as human hair or synthetic so get the one preferred by you. They are also available in different colors, hair lengths and textures.
  • Let’s start from your hair line, time to braid the hair in spherical lines about the head as a beehive or capable of the top.
  • Put on shower cap. With the help of glue, you need to paste the weave on the stocking cap. It should be placed in a way that it covers your hair using a product that would soak up the bond or keep it away from hair. If shower cap is not available with you then can use paper towels or plastic wraps.
  • When you will put on stocking cap then the task of connecting the hair extensions to the cap would go easy. If not available then can use the old pair of stocking for that.
  • Your measurement skills would be checked and should cut after making measurement. Most of the time hair extensions are longer enough to attach in one time. Then the helpful technique would be to place an end of track at the front of head and after that you have to take that around the head and in this way at end you would get back to beginning. If you would see any excess part then can cut that down.
  • Put together the hair trails. Let’s start with nape of the neck and slowly go towards the crown area. Put some of the spots of glue along the back of hair track and then place them around the stocking cap till both the ends meets.
  • Using hair dryer, blow dry them so that with the heat of dryer the glue would stick and dry quickly.
  • You can stick all the hair tracks till you get complete crown. The row of stacks should be one inch higher and not more. You can make all the attachments to get circular lines and get a very small hole at the top.
  • Stocking cap weave will finish like this. Then you can take that off then sew the sides of that hole together. Now, check that for the presence of larger gaps and here is place where you can add some more tracks.
  • You have now chance to comb the hair and make them styles in any way you desire for.

By trying the above mentioned simple and easy techniques one can be able to know how to make a stocking cap weave. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick the things and follow the steps to get your own.