How To Make Thin Lips Appear Fuller

How To Make Thin Lips Appear FullerMany a times it happens that you look into the mirror and you find that something isn’t looking right. It’s unfortunate for some beautiful girls that they suffer the anxiety of thin lips. Though you might think that it is tragic however with some practice and little lip liners you can make your lips look fuller and beautiful. If you are worried about this problem and want to know how to make thin lips appear fuller than you should know that there are no hidden secrets on how you can make your lips appear fuller.

Ways to make your lips look fuller

Brush your lips after brushing your teeth

To bring texture and a great appearance to your lips you should always rub the lips slightly with a toothbrush but not with a wet toothbrush. Brushing helps to remove the dead skin from the lips and will stimulate the blood circulation and make them look smoother and a bit plumped up. By doing this you will find your lips to look softer, smoother and fuller. To further enhance your lips you can apply honey or Vaseline on the toothbrush this will make your lips much rosier and smoother.

Use homemade ingredients         

To use of home natural homemade ingredients and essential oils you can make your lips to plumper up. If you use other chemical methods the effect will not be long lasting, however the appearance of your lips will be more sensual and fuller for a few hours. You should always carry the lip balm and apply to the lips whenever required.

Wear light colored lipsticks

One thing that is true is that if you wear light colored lipsticks then your lips will appear a lot fuller. On the other hand if you wear dark color lipsticks then your lips will look a lot thinner and smaller. The lips will automatically look bigger once you wear light colors. Though choosing the right light color shade can be tricky at times as you would not like to see your lips look frosty. The most flattering shade is the pale pink (should not have frosty finish)

Always wear lip gloss

As lip gloss is something that reflects light so this is the easiest way to get fuller lips. The lip glosses also makes the lips appear fuller and super shiny. Bare Escentuals buxom lip gloss or the DuWop’s Lip Venom can be an added bonus for fuller lips. Once again do not forget to choose colors which are lighter in shade.

Apply a bit of eyeliner above and below the lips

To give your lips almost the 3D effect this is one of the favorite tricks. If you have a dark skin then you should pick a tan eyeliner however if not then pick up a white eyeliner. You should apply a thin layer above the lips and below the lips. Not to show the obvious white line you should always blend it with the help of your fingers. The illusion of light comes through the lightness around the lips and makes the lips to pop up even more.