How To Plump Up Your Lips Naturally

How To Plump Up Your Lips NaturallyNot many women are blessed with fuller lips however you do not have to worry a lot about this problem. Fortunately there are some clever tricks that you can try by which you can plump your lips naturally. So if you are worried and want to know on how to plump up your lips naturally then there are a few methods that you can try however these methods can go horrible for few of the women. First thing is to avoid invasive treatments even if you are able to afford it. Below you can find some easy, quick and harmless methods to plump up your thin lips.

Natural Methods To Plump Up Your Lips

Using Lip plumper

You can find different kind of such products and brands which are available and to suit your budget. Also this is one the easiest way to plump up your lips. You can go ahead and try different products and see which works best for you. Lip plumper is product that works well in irritating the skin and thus helps the lips to swell up. It is advised that you should avoid lip plumper if your lips look too much swelled.


You might have noticed that there are a few women who outline their lips so well that sometimes they look absolutely ridiculous and they never notice. You need to be subtle and can use the same trick in a similar manner. You just need to draw outside your natural lip line using your lip pencil. Massage your lips with your fingers so that it does not look too obvious. This will provide extra fullness to your lips.                  


To plump up your skin it is advisable to moisturize it regularly and the same goes with the lips. If you want to find out what difference it makes then take a look at your hands when they are dry and then see the difference once you apply a bit of cream on them. It is so much better when you have a moisturized skin so don’t ever ignore your lips. To keep your lips in a good condition always use some good lotion.


If you want to see your lips look much fuller then using some kind of lip gloss or lip balm that contains menthol is a good option. You can also mix a little amount of cinnamon oil with the lip gloss or lip balm and see the difference. However be cautious that you do not apply neat oil as it can burn your skin as it highly concentrated.


You should keep your lips in a regular routine of exfoliation. Using a normal scrub is not a good idea as it can be harsh on the lips. There are a few different ideas to remove dead skin on the lips. You should scrub them with a soft brush and then apply moisturizer to make them look plumper. A few other tricks also depends upon the type of makeup you wear for example you should go with lighter shades of lipstick and always apply the lip gloss more on the center rather all over the lips.