How to Reduce Crow’s-Feet With Facial Exercises

How to Reduce Crow's-Feet With Facial ExercisesAging has a cruel effect and it keeps widening with the ticking clock. To fight against it means finding better ways to lift up your skin especially your facial skin. Crow’s feet is one of those characteristic lines which becomes brutally visible along the corners of your eyes. These are the most unavoidable lines one may want to reduce.

With the available hi-end technology and medical innovations, skin wrinkles can be altered but it takes a whole lot of surgery and post surgery precautions that you may not be willing to take. So what in this situation can work best?

Although not too promising but we have a lot of home remedies which can help reduce that wrinkly appearance. Few precautions like quitting smoke, sun avoidance and eating right may help but all of this may help protect you from developing crow’s feet at early age.  None will aid in reducing the unwanted corner lines.

Here’s only one proven way which can help you in getting rid of the core problem- Facial exercises. Yes, you read it right, facial exercise is the only proven technique to reduce crow’s feet. Here’s how you can go about it naturally.

To obtain maximum results, press the temples of your forehead with two fingers and keep closing and opening up your eye lids. Repeat this exercise five times each day for about five minutes.

This exercise makes it easy to protect yourself from developing or healing crow’s feet. To go about it, keep moving the ball of your eye up and down with closed eye and feel the relaxation it builds in your eye area. For effective results, repeat this exercise ten times.

This is another good tactic for avoiding crow’s feet. You should keep your eyes closed and eyebrows lifted up as much as you can. Stretch your eye lids downwards. Keep your eyes in the similar stretch position for 5 seconds and repeat the exercise for 5 times in a day.

Another helpful exercise which can protect your eyes from crow’s feet includes keeping your eyelids closed until half way and eyebrows lifted upwards. Stay in that position for five seconds and repeat the exercise for 5 times.

Last but not the least, a simple moving up and moving down exercise can help boost your skin activity and may help protect from developing crow’s feet. For this, practice moving your eyes up and down ten times and look left to right ten times. Keep repeating until you can.

All of the above listed exercises are helpful in healing or removing crow’s feet. All you need is a right way to practice each step with care and passion. Crow’s feet can be a real mess especially at growing age and you wouldn’t want anybody to point fingers on your pretty face and tell you the facts about ageing and its signs.

Dare to accept this bitter truth about ageing and start taking early precautions before it’s too late for you to cure. It is good if you can practice these exercises at home. It’s kind of relaxing too!