How To Reduce Large Pores On The Nose

How To Reduce Large Pores On The NoseLarge pores are often unsightly to the naked eyes and can open the doors for the bacteria. Large pores are often difficult to clean so the dirt and the bacteria can get in to the pores and germinate. It also produces acne and blackheads on the nose. Comparing to the other parts of the face the nose is more prone to get large pores. So if you want to know about how to reduce large pores on the nose then there are certain steps you can follow and reduce the large pores on particularly on the nose.

Ways to reduce large pores on the nose

Clean the pores


If you are looking to reduce the size of the pores you need to clean the pores completely. It is necessary to initially clean the large pores in order to reduce the size. The pores might have already increased the buildup before you take further action. The best thing is to clean and extract the dirt and for that you should always look for a professional.

Get a facial

If for some reason you are unable to get a facial from a professional then you can do it yourself also. To completely clean your face you should look for some pore reducing facial wash. By paying extra attention to your nose you need to wash it thoroughly with the help of your fingers you should wash the nose in a circular motion.

Give steam to the face

One easy way to open the pores is by giving steam to your face and to that you can take a large pot of water and boil it until you see good amount of steam coming up from it. Placing the pot on a steady table slightly lean your face over the pot about 6 inches away from it and cover the head with a towel. Trap as much as steam on you face and allow it to flow. Take care that you do not lean too much over the pot as you might burn you face. Take the steam for about 5 minutes.

Use Bore reducing cleanser

A pore reducing cleanser is one good way to reduce pores.  While applying the cleanser, give special attention to your nose and also the rest of the area affected by pores. Generally cold water is used for rinsing off the cleanser but for serious ore reduction, warm water is recommended.

Use Toner

A fine quality toner is recommended for pore reduction. You can also use acne toner for the same purpose.

Exfoliate Skin at least once a week

Skin exfoliation should be done for at least once in a week. This brings best results while you are attempting to reduce pores on nose. Use a high quality scrub for skin exfoliation. This will help in preventing rest of the skin from developing pores along with treating the ores on your nose.

Expert Tip: Cleanliness is your best weapon against pore reduction. Always use well known brands for cosmetic purpose.