How to Remove Black on Neck Naturally

how to Remove Black on Neck NaturallyA fairly common problem for women is the dark neck or skin discoloration, these can occur anywhere on the upper body mostly the face, sides, neck or at the back of the neck. A few reasons for skin discoloration can be exposure to the sun and ageing, Accumulation of sweat and hygiene, also other causes for black on neck can be due to Melasma or chloasma that appears during pregnancy. Over production of the melanin by pigment cells is the cause of the Melasma discoloration around the neck. The black on neck can often be very irritating and you might find it embarrassing, here you can find few tips on how to remove black on neck naturally and feel more satisfied and happy.

Best Remedies to remove black on Neck

Sun Screen Lotion

Hyper pigmentation is mostly caused due to high exposure in the sun, if you want to get rid of the black skin on the neck always wear a sunscreen lotion before exposing yourself in the sun, this is a natural treatment where in you wont be blackening your skin further more. Also you should wear protective clothes not dark in color and not too layered to further prevent your neck from the black patches.


Exfoliation is another natural remedy to remove skin discoloration, Exfoliation is the best to break up pigmented cells and it allows them to fade away. You can exfoliate your neck a couple of times a week with yoghurt and crushed walnuts. This is a natural homemade exfoliation scrub that cleanses the outer layer of the skin and whitens the dark on the neck.

Baking Soda and Water

To remove the black from the skin you can also try the natural scrub which is made of baking soda and water that removes hyper pigmentation. This should be a paste like mix, the baking soda acts as a natural skin exfoliant. If you apply the paste a few times during the week this will help reducing the black on the neck and will provide a better skin tone.

Lemon and cucumber juice

One of the best and natural remedy to remove the discoloration around the neck is the mixture of lemon and cucumber, by using a cotton ball or finger tips apply the mixture around the neck and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes, this will help the dark patches on the neck and the back to dry up a bit quicker.

Grated Cucumber

Another quick way to reduce and get rid of black on the neck is by applying grated cucumber on the neck, you need to gently scrub the grated cucumber on the neck for at least 20 minutes after this wash or splash your neck with rose water, cucumber is great to soothe, glows the skin and to remove the dead skin.

Dark skin on the neck is never a pleasant thing to see and while it gives a feeling of embarrassment, so these were just a few remedies to help you get rid of the black on the neck while you can find more natural remedies on how to remove black on neck naturally.