How to Remove Fusion Hair Extensions

How to Remove Fusion Hair ExtensionsHair extensions are an instant solution to get long and full hair. Fusion hair extensions are very common idea used by several fashion following people all around the world. You always wanted to make your look changed when going for proms, weddings, festivals as well for any other special occasions. Then the solution for you is fusion hair extensions but when the occasion is over then you need to take those extensions out from hair and then requirement is to know how to remove fusion hair extensions which following mentioned steps will tell you the techniques. By this way you can do your task safely and in cheaper way as well. They also look near to real and the main thing which convinces you to do is that you would get minimum damage to hair so keep on going with following task.

Steps of removing procedure for fusion hair extensions

To your actual hair around 25 strands of individual hairs can be attached. To make attachment you would require using a waxed base kertain protein. Like other hair extensions, fusion hair can be removed by you and the whole process would take some seconds.

Things required– You needed alcohol based gel hair clips pliers for removing process.

Procedure for thesame

Step 1- Start with making small sections of hair and you can use hair clips for the same. When you have added the extensions then one section of hair would be called “red zone”. It is the area where no wings are practical and thus they won’t show through at the time of pulling your hair in upward position. Now, using clips make your hair attached far from the area is called red zone. It would be locate along with your hair line. You can even make a measurement of 2 inches for locating that. Remaining hair can be separated in 3-5 rows made in horizontal way. This simple process will help you a lot in removal procedure.

Step 2- Time to apply alcohol supported gel at your bonds. Alcohol application will help to make the protein attachments loose and so they would easily break down. You should try the technique of working on single bond at single point. For that take some alcohol supported gel and polish that among your thumb and pointer finger. When the time you rub gel between fingers then it would produce little heat and then rub the shape up onto the one of the bonds.

Step 3- Squeeze the bonds using pliers and without delay after you have massaged the alcohol supported gel to bond apply the pliers to squeeze the bond. Place the bond between the two points of the pliers and then time of application of generous amount of pressure for next five seconds.

Step 4- Take bonded hair and make that slide a little and application of crushed bond make extension small tug. Then slowly extension would start removing from the place. Keep the slide down from your actual hair and bond would fall from its place easily

Step 5– This is the last and final step of removal process and so continuously remove one bonded extension at time. When you will successfully remove the bonds then wash the hair with mild shampoo and make it deep conditioned.