How To Sharpen Hair Clippers

How To Sharpen Hair ClippersHair clippers are made for the purpose so that you can be able to do self-sharpening. They have metallic blades for helping you, the metallic blades skate past each other they rub organised, recurrently refining a shrill edge as you cut. After continuous usage or due to some other reason as well clippers usually go dull. Some reasons of making that dull is that if you haven’t make that oiled or haven’t cleaned regularly. Also, the problem is there if it corrodes and the same condition results in hair pull when you go for cutting and result will be uneven or ragged cut. So, in that specific condition you can follow the below given techniques for how to sharpen hair clippers because they can be very much helpful for you.

Things requiredTo do your task perfectly you need to have screwdriver specially made for clippers, soft cloth, scrubber made with plastic, alcohol for rubbing and brush and blade oil.


  • To start the sharping of hair clippers’ process first you have to remove the blades. Usually clippers have screws at the top that would hold blades then time it to unscrew that specific one. After that you can easily take out the blades. Before bringing that out you should look where each thing is place so that at the time of putting them back you would not go wrong.
  • Now time to give a look at the blades and in case there is presence of any kind of dirt and hairs at the area then make it clean. In case, any rust is here then also you should look for that.
  • If you have seen any kind of hair and dirt there then remove that from area using small brush. With the help of brush clean both of the blades of the hair clippers from every side. After you are done with your task then take a piece of soft cloth and make the blades clean.
  • In case of presence of rust to the blades, you need to take a small piece of cloth and then dip that in alcohol. Using that cloth rubs the blades and then after scrub the blades as well. In case of presence of too much rust to blades. You need to do the process with coarse cloth or also make use of plastic dish scrubber and after the removal of layer of rust. Do the same task with fine cloth.
  • This is the last and little tricky step. Here in this step you have got with clean blades and you should put that back to the hair clippers. Put them back in the hair clippers in a way you have removed and then using screwdriver tighten the screws well. Then you need to put some drops of blade oil on blades. Make the hair clipper run for next five minutes on high speed but not for cutting your hair but this is must to sharpen the hair clippers.