How to Soften Eye Wrinkles

How to Soften Eye WrinklesMost of the women will be happy to know that there are easy and straight forward procedures to soften those annoying eye wrinkles. You can enhance your youthful look and keep the unwanted ageing lines away by following few tips given below. The wrinkles around the eye are very annoying to some people as the skin is delicate and thin at this part of the face. As a result when you smile, laugh or make any kind of facial expression the skin tends to crease around the eyes. So if you can want to know how to soften eye wrinkles then you can simply follow a few things mentioned below to overcome the problem.

Instruction to soften eye wrinkles

1.    As the skin around the eye region is softer than the other parts of the face so it is best to apply a sunscreen lotion that is high on the SPF Level and that you apply it on daily basis. In this eye area it is best to go for the best level of protection. UVA and UVB rays are harmful so you should always confirm that the sunscreen gives you the best protection.

2.    As most of the sunscreen lotions do not give 100% protection so you should always look for more protection by wearing wide rimmed hat and sunglasses that give full coverage to the face. This will help you to soften eye wrinkles if you spend too much time in the sun or you are a person that has to do more field work.

3.    Always hydrate the skin around the eye with some moisturizer that is high in quality. This is essential as the skin in this part of the face is more prone to dryness due to more exposure than the other parts of the body.

4.    Each night you should apply an anti wrinkle cream. You can always find an anti wrinkle cream that are specially designed for the eyes and which are thicker and richer comparing to the cream which are made for the face. The skin around the eyes being vulnerable can handle richer creams.

5.    Consult one of your dermatologists and you will find that there are Botox injections that help in reducing the wrinkles on the face. This injection helps in softening the wrinkles and will also help in preventing any wrinkles in future. You will have to inject the Botox every 3 to 6 months to get better results as this is not a permanent solution.

6.    One of the most common problems that cause wrinkles around the eyes is because of any tension that you are holding so you should always make sure that you get rid of any kind of tension as soon as possible. Relax your face. If you repeatedly squint or scrunch the area around the eyes then it can lead to deeper wrinkles.

7.    Cigarette smoking is another cause of wrinkles so you should always try and quit the habit as sooner as possible. Smoking is the most dangerous habit that one does and this leads to wrinkles on the entire face which also shows the signs of ageing.