How to Tell If Obagi Is Fake

How to Tell If Obagi Is FakeObagi skin care products are renowned and well performing but the buzz about its original and fake list is a real surprising one. Sometimes it becomes difficult for customers to make a right buying decision and they end up bringing home the most duplicated form of original Obagi cosmetic product. This is when the realization comes and customers start posting negative reviews about Obagi.

However this is a competitor scam that Obagi is facing. People really want to knock down a well performing competitor in the market. Obai is a victim of dirty competition game. Many unlawful marketers or companies are trying to take the advantage of Obagi’s name and at the same time they are damaging the brand image by offering the fake Obagi products which lacks custom Obagi composition.

This article provides information about the identification of real Obagi products so customer may not fall victim to those trying to delusion innocent people. Here are little know-how about spotting the most genuine Obagi product for long term use and value.

Difference between the Real Obagi & the Fake One!

Registered trademarks and seal are the most genuine indicators about the originality or duplicity of any product. Similarly you can easily make a difference by being a little aggressive about finding the Obagi trademark and registered symbols on each Obagi product that you are willing to buy.

In case these symbols are missed on the selected product or if these are present with minor alterations, you can be sure about not buying that Obagi product because it is a clear cut sign that this product is a real FAKE one!

Look for Authorized Dealers

Do not buy Obagi products from any retailer whom you know is not registered with the lawful medical terms and regulations. Original Obagi products are only available with the authorized medical dealers and those who offer without any authorization deal in duplicate Obagi products which lack original composition and hence are not meant for customer use.

Verify the Distributor

If at any time you feel suspicious about your Obagi product, contact the Obagi headquarters which is located in California and verify dealer with them. You will then know if you bought the right product from the right dealer or not! This is one good way of knowing if your Obagi product is original or not!

Compare Pricing

If you are buying any Obagi product, it is better to scrutinize through various dealers and compare pricing for that particular product. If all the dealers have real Obagi product, then it will have similar pricing label. In case, it is not then a constant variation will be observed in price range.

For the most genuine and original product price, visit Obagi official website or confirm from the support agents at Obagi and you will now know which product you need to take home and which one to leave with the fake dealers.

This information is well enough for identifying the difference between the original and fake Obagi. Go ahead customer and don’t get cheated!