How To Turn A Female Friend Into A Girlfriend

How To Turn A Female Friend Into A GirlfriendSo she has been your best buddy, your home doll and a pal who walks along with you, however, inside your heart she is the one you dream about, the first thought in the morning is about her and the last thought before you sleep is her. Probably you want to tell her however you get nervous. So here in this topic you will find help if you want to know how to turn a female friend into a girlfriend you might think that it’s a bad idea however getting that female friend into a girlfriend is not that difficult.

Ways to turn a female friend into a girlfriend


Flirt with her

Flirting is first step as many female friends also take the guy as her brother. Most of the guys try to beat around the bush indicate that they like her. So you need to skip all this and start flirting with her. For example tell her how hot she looks in that dress or some other heated comments. Do it if you really like her as she should know that you want to be more than just a friend.

Avoid the friend zone

You need to avoid being in the friend zone, you being her friend is a die die situation, she should not just consider you as a friend, brother or just another harmless person. It’s the time to draw the line. For a change don’t pick her calls however call her back in a few hours telling you were busy, tell her you are busy if she ask to go out, this will show you will not be taken for granted.

Date around

The heart always want things what it can’t and especially in the case of women. You should make her feel a bit jealous by dating other women; allow her to see you chat with them. Just because your friend is all over you it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date other girl. Create a sense of jealousy though you may think being a friend she will not be jealous however bet she is.

Create hypothetical situations

Create hypothetical situation like both of you being together and would it be like if you both get into a relationship. Ask her what she will think if she was your girlfriend or what you will like to do if you become her boyfriend. So get her to think and find out what are her feedbacks about your questions.

Touch her

One you have started signs that you want to be more than just a friend it’s time to inject some physical contact.  May be you want to kiss her however hold on to that as of now, you need to touch her according to the situations as you are still her friend, may be just hold her hand while crossing the road, a casual hug when she says something nice, place your hand a bit on her back while in a crowd. Your moves should show that you are not doing it intentionally. These baby steps will make her used to the idea of your hands on her.