How to Use Proper Sunscreen for Anti-Aging Skin Care

How to Use Proper Sunscreen for Anti-Aging Skin CareSunscreens, as the experts say are the best anti aging products we can ever have. This is because the sunscreens or the sun block creams protects us against the harmful Ultra Violet radiations which are majorly responsible for growing skin or the aging.

The UV rays not only burns your skin but also causes it to look wrinkly and too old for your age which of course a sun block can protect. The cosmetic companies and the dermatologists together are trying to provide the clinically proven and effective sunscreens which can offer dual benefit in terms of a younger looking skin and protection from the harmful ultra violet rays.

We have a plenty of sun block creams available in the market which are all tested and holds the power to guard you against sun damages. However, it takes efforts to judicially utilize a sunscreen for anti aging skin care. You can make your sunscreen a weapon against fighting aging skin. There are a number of ways to do this. The article will help you in grabbing a sound knowledge about how to use proper sunscreen for anti-aging skin care. Let’s have a look at the same.

You can use any sunscreen if you got to protect yourself only against the cruel sun. But you need to be a little mathematical while you are trying to fight against the aging skin. With mathematics we mean that you will need to remember a few numbers in which our sunscreen lotions come. With ‘numbers’, did you understand price? No! We are not talking about the price, we are trying to bring your focus to SPF or the Sun Protection Factor.

You may have always seen a number associated with SPF as listed on your sunscreen lotion. For example SPF 70, SPF 15 or SPF 30. This is the number which decides the level of usage according to your exposure in the sun. A sunscreen with low SPF is recommended for low exposure while a higher SPF is required for higher sun exposure.

For you who are looking forward to protect their skin from aging through the effective use of sunscreen, here comes an advice that you should select a sunscreen which has higher sun protection factor or the SPF. Also your sunscreen should have licorice extract which is responsible for lightening dark spots. If your sunscreen doesn’t include licorice, then it is better to use it separately and mix two drops with your sunscreen each time you apply it.

It is advisable that you play a number game and remember a simple equation, 70+100. This means that you should use sunscreen lotions which have SPF 70+ and SPF 100. This ratio makes a dull appearing skin look glowing with prolonged use.

Always remember applying sunscreen with SPF 100 while you are on outdoor activities. This will guard you against harmful radiations as well the aging. Good if it has licorice, else mix it externally. Same application goes with sunscreen (SPF 70+) but use it for low sun exposure. Consider reapplying the sunscreens in each interval of about two hours. This may help fight against various skin disorders and may keep it vibrant.