Melons Used in Meaningful Beauty

Melons Used in Meaningful BeautyBefore we get deeper into the topic of melons used in meaningful beauty we must know something about Meaningful Beauty. “Meaningful Beauty” is a skin care line that claims to reduce the signs of ageing. The brand Meaningful Beauty has made the beautiful super model Cindy Crawford as its brand ambassador and owner of the business is Guthy Renker who is also the owner of Proactiv. The Meaningful Beauty says that it has a rare melon containing super-antioxidant called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). The spokesman Dr. Sebagh refers the ingredient as the “Youth Molecule” meaning age defying and this ingredient was found in South east of France.

Atioxidants in the Melon

According to Aaron Piertzen ‘A writer for Sensitive Skin Care says that the melons come from a remote area of south France. The melon contains potent atioxidant which is extracted from it and then it is added to the skin. The skin gets protection by antioxidant, the skin gets protection from the free radicals like the sun and the stress caused due to day to day work. The harm that causes wrinkles is avoided by an enzyme in the melon which is mixed with the skin.

Charentais Cantaloupe

If we talk about the skin care line then the actual name of the “miracle” melon is called Charentais Cantaloupe. According to the mother earth news they claim that these melons are very delicious and are from France. These melons contain orange flesh in the center and have thick flesh. They have small seeds and the skin of the Cantaloupe is light yellow in color containing an amazing aroma which is almost perfume like.

Dr Sebagh’s Melon        

A cosmetic surgeon who is famously known as Dr Sebagh was the one who originally worked with the super model Cindy Crawford and with also other celebrities. He has created his own line of products including the Meaningful Beauty. With the collagen in the skin the anti ageing lines are said to be restored with the melon extract. Along with this the Coenzyme Q10, minerals and lipoic acid which are said to be the other anti ageing ingredients are also restored.

Products of Meaningful Beauty

Products like the day crème with SPF20, moisturizer facial cleanser, eye cream and night crème are a few of the products which are included in the Cindy Crawford line of products. All of these products consists the magical “youth molecule” or the antioxidant which comes from the French melon. Not only this the skin care product line also includes products like the facial serum, an anti ageing neck and chest cream and also capsules which are taken internally which will help you to protect the skin from inside to outside. To complete the line of product a deep cleansing mask is also included.

Development of the products                  

The anti ageing products and the facial creams owned by the famous super model Cindy Crawford have been produced by taking the useful tips and inputs by expert medical practitioners who are well qualified with their experience in science of ageing and who also know the ways to reduce the effect on the skin.