Men’s Hair Cutting Techniques

Men's Hair Cutting TechniquesHair cutting is an art and there is no specific technique that can keep your nearer to get exact results means an awesome haircut. Each and every stylist uses their own technique when you are going to get haircut from them but some of the common basics of men’s hair cutting techniques and using them you can enhance the speed and quality of your work process. Getting techniques also helps in enhancing the male client preservation. So, you need to please go for the following mentioned techniques.

Dry or wet? – To start process, you need to check whether the hair is dry or wet. If the hair is dry then clipper work would be done more efficiently. So, in case your hair is wet then you should blow dry them because in this situation so can’t see lines and also can’t see how the hair is going to lie at the time of cutting? Wet hair is perfect for men who have picked the option if razor and shear work.

Cross checking is essential- Whenever you are going to take a haircut it is must or you to go for cross checking. Some people believe that this is not important step but for best results you need to go for the same.

First step- The very first step of amalgamation helps to avoid lines of differentiation at first place. When you are doing clipper work then go from side to side three steps with each blow. First is starting with clipper fastened with entire smooth external of the blade stirring the head? Then slowly you can move in mounting direction and in this step only back of blade will touch. Next one is deferment of clipper free hand like it moves up and out of the hair. The three easy steps will helps to provide smooth changeover.

Clipper over Comb- Another step of amalgamation among clipper and the shear work is to make use of clipper over comb method. In this method, you need to use a removable blade clipper along larger blade. The larger blade will provide smoother blend and reason here hair will cut uniformly. You are suggested not to use short blade because this would end in blunt cut and ends in lots of lines of discrimination.

Blending Shears- There is one more blending method is method of shears over comb. For that you need to lift the hair in upward position using a comb and then using blending shears one should cut 1/4 inch length of hair. At the time of lifting hair, you should over direct before cutting and it would help to give flatter blend. You should use the method to cut hair which is nearer to scalp because it would give nothing but fuzzy look. Make use of thinning shear having 40 teeth. Shears which would have larger teeth gives lines. Never use consistent shears for the process because would end in blunt cut and leave small lines which would discriminate as well.

So, these are some of the important men’s hair cutting techniques so that you can use them and get success in your work.