Mid Length Haircuts for Women Over 50

Mid Length Haircuts for Women Over 50Hair complaints are quite frequent among fifty plus women which is not too surprising among the similar age group. Women at the age of fifty are likely to face hair related problems and they find their hair a typical mess to manage so they go about cutting their wonderful hair locks short. Why go short when you have a choice to keep your hair to mid length and still enjoy flattering with those neatly combed or tied hair? Going short is no good choice if you have a beautiful bunch of hair which can still be experimented to look flattering at your age. Let’s have a look at some of the most suitable mid length haircuts for women over 50 but first let’s consider few important things.

Decide how you want to look with your new hair cut

First of all you need to consider that your age is reaching to maximum and it’s no time to go about keeping hair cut which makes you look over flaunting because fifty is a time to look sober. You are a mother, a wife and a responsible adult. Your haircut should complement your age and personality. Of course you need to look modern and follow the trend but keep yourself away from over modernizing or over doing anything especially when it comes to your hair for haircuts revels a lot about your personality and remember, people perceive you according to your looks at first sight. Therefore, you need to maintain that grace and charm your age brings as you grow.

Check out these stylish mid length hair cuts for women over 50

Bangs with simple shoulder cut hair length

A simple shoulder cut hair length is apt for your age but sometimes it becomes too simple to complement your modern living style. Therefore, mixing some bangs on the forehead up to chin can make it look glamorous and you would also not have to compromise that soberness in you.

Beach inspired layer cut

It may appear to you that this hair cut is meant only for girls or teens but a little experiment with this one can do wonders for your age and you would be able to keep this hairstyle with pride. Do not go copying the actual hair cut but add some layers to your hair and cut them short up to your shoulder length. Unlike the actual hair cut, keep it simple from the front. You should either have a side parting or a middle one according to your face length but make sure no bags are covering your face as these will turn you to a typical chic which you of course do not want to look like. In fact leaving some mid length falling flicks will add charm to your face. Experiment this altered beach inspired layer cut and inspire others to die for this hair cut.

Mid length spirals

We talk about haircuts, we talk about women and we don’t talk about those with curly hair! It’s an injustice then. A fifty year old woman with curly hair can look as fabulous as those having plain, layered or any good hair texture. Curls are often blamed to be unmanageable but with a perfect hair cut you can give your hair a ravishing look. Cut your curls to mid length and leave strands all over then make a pony tail or let them lose, both styles would look impressive on you.