Mountain Bikes for Overweight People

Mountain Bikes for Overweight PeopleWhen most of overweight people think of weight loss strategies one thing that comes in mind is cycling. Though you will find cycling as a good fitness exercise however this will only work when you have a healthy diet in plan. There are a few overweight people who decide on cycling to lose weight however most often they end up gaining more weight due to the tiring exercise that requires more appetite. The most important thing to keep in mind is to find the right mountain bikes for overweight people who are looking to shed the extra flab on their body.

What to look for in a Mountain Bike

Never hurry on buying a mountain bike just for the sake of cycling, you should always test several bikes to make sure the strength and power of the bike as it is very important that it is able to carry your weight. If you search the web you will find that there are many companies that specialize in bikes which are meant just for the heavy weights. These companies produce bikes with heavy steel frames which are far heavier and studier comparing to most of the light weight carbon or metal framed bikes which are meant for general purposes. If you do a little research you will find that there are bikes which will suit according to your comfort and needs and also just kind of right for a person who is above 300 pounds.

Type of mountain bikes

Then name mountain bike came in place in 1966 as mountain bicycle, mountain bike is a heavy cruiser bicycle meant for freewheeling down a mountain terrain which have obstacles like logs, vertical drop offs, and tiny boulders. Few e.g. for mountain bikes are cross country (XC), Trail Bikes, endure/all mountain (AM), Downhill (DH), Free Ride (FR) Dirt Jumping and Single Speed (SS), The mountain bikes tend to have ample suspension and typically have more than 7 inches (180mm) of travel. These bikes weigh around 14 to 20 kg (31 to 44 lb) and often have large and wide tires that are good in terms of overweight people.

Tips to purchase the right mountain bike

Strong Rims and Fat tires

Always look for a bike with fat and wide tires that have strong rim and spokes, bikes with 1/4-inch tires or thinner are fine for racing purposes but not a good fit for heavy people. Big tires and wide rims are great to support weight however they should be on heavy rims and spokes to overcome the jumps and bounces.

Saddle and Paddles

Look for a bike with big seat, even regular touring bikers look for seats that they can fit in. Wider seats are advisable for big people. The paddles should also be big and strong, do not look for paddles that are light in weight always use metal paddles.


Always look for a recumbent style where in the biker can sit in a more normal sitting angle rather than atop saddle, a recumbent will give you the same amount of exercise giving you less strain at the back thighs and arms. This is an important consideration for overweight bikers.