Punk Fashion for Girls

Punk Fashion for GirlsIt is a saying that fashion is something which goes and comes back with time, you will find many people who want to change their fashion statement from going from a simple look to a much trendier look and then there are others who want to go way forward with a punk look. Punk fashion is something which takes a great level of confidence and you should have the attitude to carry it. If you want to know about Punk fashion for girls then below in the article you will know what to do and where to start from.

Tips for adapting Punk fashion

Bring the confidence

You will not get to see too many girls going the Punk way because you will have taken the courage, confidence and the right attitude for going the Punk style. You should believe in yourself and ignore what other people have to say about your looks, they will only try to scare you.

Listen to Music and learn playing instruments

There are a few music bands that you can follow a few of these are Punk Girls, The Exploited, The Sex Pistols, The Dead Kennedys and a few more. Also though it is not something which is mandatory however if you learn to play few instruments like a guitar or drums this will give you another sign of being punk.

Getting the look

Starting with the color of your hair you can simply go for hair dye with different shades if you are still in school, there are other hairdos like the Bihawk, Trihawk,Fanned Mohawk  or you can simply go for spikes and shave parts of your head.

Getting a Tattoo

One of the most common things you will find in a punk style is the tattoos, you can find hundreds of tattoos however make sure that you do not go for permanent one’s as you might regret the kind of tattoo you opted for. Also you should go professional tattoo artists and take necessary precautions to avoid infections.


You will also see that in a punk style girls wear bright shades of lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polish few of these colors are like pink, blue, green, orange and red. If you already good at wearing makeup then this will not be a difficult task for you.

Boots or Shoes

There are no specific boots or shoes that you have to wear for the punk style, just don’t wear them if someone else with punk style is wearing them, though most to go with a      punk style are the dark boots or combat boots. These will work well with any kind of punk clothing.

Clothing Style for punk look

Punk clothing needs a lot of pinning, ripping, tearing and destroying of clothes; you will see a lot of patches especially with jeans. One simple thing you can do yourself is to take your old clothes and taking a scissor cut the old tees and jeans for a punk rock wear. If you decide to buy punk clothing, go for dark wash jeans, you can stitch the flags of different countries or even rock bands on your jeans or jackets, you can also spray paint and write on your tees and jeans.