Remedies for Normal Skin to Glowing Skin

Remedies for Normal Skin to Glowing SkinIt is true that the beauty lies within and real beauty is skin deep, however it is also true that everyone wants that external skin should also be beautiful. Our skin is the most visible part of the body and covers almost 15% weight of the body. The prime concern is to take best possible care of the skin so that while looking beautiful it will also help you stay away from all infections to stay healthy. Here you can find help on remedies for normal skin to glowing skin through some home remedies as well.

Chemical effects on skin

Though we try our best to take care of our skin, however do little we know how the chemicals in many of the products can be harmful to your skin! You will find hundreds of products that promise to give you healthy and glowing skin and that too in a couple of weeks. Though some of them might work for you but for your information these products contain many dangerous chemicals that can harm your skin in just a couple of months. You will find that many face creams and bleaches contain mercury and hydroquinone which help to lighten the skin at a very short period however the long term effects can cause wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Effective Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Remedies for glowing skin

You will definitely agree that turmeric is the best and an age old remedy for glowing skin, not only turmeric if you look deeply in your kitchen you will find many vegetables and fruits that will keep your skin healthy and nourished. If you want to pamper your skin then fruits are best available eatables and can be used for external treatment for a glowing skin. The benefits of some of the fruits are that they contain rich vitamins, for e.g. bananas are rich with vitamin A B and E, Lemon and oranges contains vitamin C with collagen that have properties of anti ageing. Papaya contains an enzyme that is called Papain which helps in clearing out impurities and removing dead skin. If you want to remove tan and moisturize your skin then milk cream and curd will work best for you. Vegetables like cucumber, spinach and potatoes help in enhancing the texture of your skin. The juice of tomato works as a toner and is a quick way to give you glowing skin

Glowing tips for different type of skin

•    To keep wrinkles at bay take 2 tablespoon of mashed ripe papaya and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, apply the mixture on face and leave for 5 minutes and wash with cold water.
•    If you want to get rid of oily skin take Fuller’s earth (a kind of mud) with 1 tablespoon of honey apply the mix on the face, leave for around 15 minutes. Wash with normal or cold water and dry with towel or any soft cloth.
•    If you have a problem of dehydrated skin, take an egg yolk a few drops of almond oil and 2 tablespoons of honey, whip the mixture until it looks like cream and apply on face, leave for about 10 minutes and wash to get a natural looking and glowing skin.