Short Haircuts for Overweight Women Over 50

Short Haircuts for Overweight Women Over 50Trying short haircut really is a choice that takes some confidence and that too for women who are over 50. Once you feel the freedom that comes through short hair you might not want to go with that long hairstyle again. It is a difficult task when we think of short haircuts for overweight women over 50. Whether you are trying to go with something edgier like a short inverted bob or you are looking for a change with your head full of curls and go with the shorter length the possibilities of receiving great compliments are endless.

Short Haircuts for overweight women

Pixie Cut

If you are looking for a big change then the pixie cut is one of the greatest pick and also if you are looking to feel light and airy afterwards, mixing the pixie cut with a bit of layered and longer bangs this will really add a sense of edge to your whole look. With this type of cut the general rule is to apply the conditioner below the ear, use a serum if you find that your hair is greasy or oily.

Short Bob

Short bob is a haircut that is easy to wear and one of the best haircuts to carry, if you want to look much younger then this haircut will give you a cute, sassy and a chic look. To give a boost to your confidence you have options to style your hair in different ways. You can add blunt bangs or swept sides, wear them graduated or asymmetrical, the best part is that short bob go with any kind of face shape, style and hair type thin or thick!

Cropped hairstyle

If you have wavy and curly hair the most sophisticated hairstyle is the cropped haircut, to get a chic and edgy look try out with uneven bangs that vary from short to long, just to get the right look at the age of 50 and that too with short hair use pomade to style the bangs your forehead and

Curly short Hair

Curly hair look great when cut short, curly hair fit any type of style whether you are looking to go sexy, flirty or a chic look this is the haircut you need, the age factor should not come in between after all we all one life to live, it is said getting into 50’s is getting into another 20’s. Curly hair when cut short will keep them manageable and fabulous. Making the most of the natural hair texture is the key to curly hairstyling. The chin length cut with bouncy volume or cropped close will do wonders to your look.

Hair Color

Now talking about short haircuts for women over 50 why should we ignore a bit of hair coloring, you should look for a stylist that is well experienced with short haircuts, he will be the right person to guide you with the color that will suit your hair, mostly it is seen that wine red or coffee goes best with women who are crossing the age of 50, so don’t shy away and try these haircuts to bring the change in your overall personality.