Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Thick Hair

Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Thick HairThick hairs are often a mess as it takes forever to manage, clean or dry those thick hair locks compared to thin and light hair which are easy to manage and experiment with almost any hair style. With thick hair you need to go through a lot of thinking process before visiting to a hair stylist then a valuable discussion with your stylists takes another hour or so. The whole hair styling for women with thick hair becomes tough and a lengthy process.

When you are over sixty years of age, you do not want to take so much of pain to decide which hair style or what new technique you should adopt to keep your thick hairs look pretty and manageable at the same time. With this attitude you end up messing your thick hair even more as lack of care make them rough and thicker than actual. Therefore, having a short hair cut becomes crucial for women over sixty as you will neither have enough time nor energy to always keep looking after your hair. Let’s have a look at some short haircuts for women over 60 with thick hair which you may also adopt at one time or the other or for some special occasion in family.

Celebrity Inspired Short Hair Cuts for Women Over 60

Connie Stevens’ cool curls

This is one good short hair style a sixty plus woman can adopt. If you have curly hair, then it’s a total yes for your age. Look at Connie, she looks so lively at her sweet sixties and manage the sophistication too.

Cheryl Ladd’s Medium Length

This is yet another example of cute and smart short hair cut which is apt for over sixty women. You can decide any type of parting be it middle or side according to your face type. Mid length hair cut will always complement your personality and age. Also you will not have to toil much to manage those thick hair strands if these have been cut short up to the mid length.

Some More Cool and Short Hair Cuts for Women Over 60

Bob Hair cut

A short bob hair cut with neat front bangs and angular edges looks stunning at a sixty year old granny as it does look on a thirty year lady. If you want to hide your forehead, this is one right and manageable hairstyle for your thick hair.

Pixie haircut

If you are not in a mood to get into lot of combing or managing your thick hair then getting a chopped head to pixie haircut with few short layers falling on your forehead can work best. Try it!

Short and side swept

Cutting your hair short with a side swept will add soften look to your face and your thick hair would not be a panic anymore.

Asymmetric Neck Length

Want to look stylish and don’t know how! Go with an asymmetric neck length hair cut. Sweep back for a cool looking you. Asymmetric layers will maintain the volume of your shortened thick hair and you would also not feel too heavy above the head.