Short Hairstyles for Fat Women Over 50

Short Hairstyles for Fat Women Over 50Have you been struggling with weight problems and now at the age of fifty folks have started commenting about too old looking and heavier side of yours. Then it’s the time to act and get some refreshing hairdo as a very hairstyle may help you look even younger than you actually are! What else can be the biggest treat then?

If you are an overweight lady who is reaching her fifties then you need some appearance change for sure! And None other than a refreshing hairstyle can give you modest make over that you may not have even thought about!

Go Short, Be Modest, Look Slimmer!

At this age, it becomes tedious to manage long hair. Also you don’t want to keep them for multiple reasons like excessive hair fall, dandruff, roughness etc which are quite obvious around fifties. Therefore, experts suggest short hairstyles for those completing the half century wherein selecting a right one becomes important for a fat lady. Not all short hairstyles will go with her chubby cheeks. So you pretty fat ladies, check out some oh-so-fab hairdos which are just right to jazz up your look!

Many women at or over fifty tend to hesitate in going short especially if they are on a heavier side but they don’t know an intelligent hairdo can be the head turner even at this age and that too with a heavy body. What else do you want? I hope turning heads was all you always struggled for during your youth days. It’s a proud feeling if you still get heads turned for you even at fifties. All this can be possible with a right kind of hair do. An intelligent short hair cut is the best a hair expert can do for a fat women at or above fifty as short hair dos are able in creating youthful frame around that maturing face with chubs. Check out some flattering short hairstyles for fat women over 50. Experimenting each will make you look awesome.

Short Haircuts for Overweight Women Over 50


Flipped Shag Hairstyles

Perking up your short hairstyle with some uneven or symmetrical layers can help in rejuvenating that youthful look by hiding the chubbiness of your face. The trick is to add volume and texture to the hairdo for extra bounce and effectiveness.

You can challenge your age and fattiness through flipping as it adds to the youthfulness and gives a tender look to your face. Try it out!

Short Layered Hairstyles

This one is common and forever! In fact it is perfect for fat women as the layers on face makes it appear lighter and hides the fat accumulated on your face. You can try this hairstyle to look younger as well as slimmer and it will work best. Also managing short layers is easier than tackling with any other hair style. You will also free yourself of keeping head bands and hair clips all the time. Just a simple comb will serve your purpose still you will look too awesome for your age.

Short Hairstyle with Shaggy Ends

This hairstyle suits best on blonde hair. Shaggy ends cover the fluffiness of a fat face while the sparse fringes on front looks trendier and gives you an ultra modern look. If you are a fat lady in fifties, this is one apt hair do for you. Try on!