Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 40

Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 40“My goodness… you look so amazing pretty in this hairstyle. It lies about your age!”– Yes this is what every woman wants to hear at the time when age starts reflecting at around forties or so.

Although it’s not easy to hide what the emerging wrinkles and eye bags say about your age but an intelligent hairstyle with a sense of perfection can make people wonder about which inning you’re entering. Women when they enter their forties should personally analyze the difference they have gone through and accept it as a positive change, for each season has its own charm to offer! Same is the case with your fortieth inning. At this age you start realizing the intense need for changing this de-glam change in you to give yourself a better look and turn heads again to chase your persona. There is a basic inner urge in each woman that they want people to die for them, their beauty and charisma. And believe me they do all possible efforts to be in the game until they are alive. And so the women in forties want to know about the right kind of hairstyle which can cheat people about her age.

Avoid Experimenting, Bang on with Short Hair Styles!

Beauty experts and hair technicians play a significant role in enhancing your looks by giving a complementing hairdo according to your face type but you have to be sure about choosing your hairstyle as you enter your fortieth inning. At this time you can experiment a lot. This is no play time ladies! Your hair growth becomes limited at this age and so you just have to be sure about each decision you make about the hairdo you are going to receive. Your hair style is the paradigm of your beauty. Therefore, selecting a right one matters.

Many women at forties develop hair problems. Some complain about excess hair fall while some have issues with low hair volume. Some talk about the roughness while others say they face oil issues with scalp. Such problems are natural at this age. At or around menopausal stage, you lose a lot and you have to be courageous about it. All you need to do is accept the change confidently and react positively towards it. Women at forties facing hair problems are advised to try short hair styles. These will not enhance your smartness but you will also feel confident about staying in the play, challenging the new generation with flattering short hairdos that just mommies can experiment. Jealous your daughters with these classy short hair styles!

Here are some short hairstyles for overweight women over 40:

Neck length hairstyle: Apt for women who are on a little fattier side. It fakes your face as lengthy while keeping you look elegant with some pearl studs in the ears. Elegance beats maturity when you adopt this hair style with appropriate dress sense.

Ombre Hairstyle: A perfect experiment for women with dark hair. Caramel highlights make it glamorous with the bangs falling on forehead. A little eye make up with this hair style will look refreshing for your eyes.

Short waves: Dark or blonde, heavy or light, this hair style works best for each woman who looks a little heavier than usual. You can try it with side-swept bangs. Tie or let lose, these flicks will turn heads for you.

Short layers: Best suited for fat women with heavy faces as the layered lock of hair hides the puffiness on the face. It looks chic on fat ladies.

Bob cut hairstyle: One of its kind and forever bob hairstyle looks cool at matured ladies. You look more of intellectual and interesting to others. On the other hand, it reveals the bubbly side of yours.

Shoulder length curls: These again are an ad-on to your beauty. Curls being heavy hides your face dimensions intelligently and you look younger than you actually are! Tit-bits of eye makeup serves as cheery on the cake.