Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 50

Short Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 50It is such a pain when you know that you are now over the age of 50 and to bring in more despair is to be overweight, however there is nothing like being confident on how to carry yourself and look good even though the fact is, that you are overweight and you have crossed the age of fifty. There was time when you did not have to think twice before eating that delicious pizza’s and chicken fries, now you are worried you can’t even see your feet, the face has gone all chubby with those annoying wrinkles, however it is never too late to try something different and life’s not too short to live, so live life to the fullest. Here you can find the right kind of hairstyles that will make you look a lot slimmer and the kind of appearance you were looking for will come back bang on.

The right kind of hairstyles to look lean and more young

Bulk is Not Good

It is high time thinking and mourning about age and being overweight, let’s us get convinced in scrutinizing the hair. It is time to test the water’s with short hairstyles for overweight women over 50. You are still going with the same old option of hair going below those bulky shoulders, then its time to cut them short as bulk is not too good for the hair. We know for a fact that everything changes with time, you will obviously not look the way as when you were a sweet sixteen or even when you were in your 20’s or in 30’s, however there is no harm in revitalizing yourself with some good fashionable hairstyles.

Thin Hair Texture and Coloring

First thing to keep in mind is the texture and health of your hair, if you have thin and straight hair you can opt for keeping them to the shoulder level, keeping a pony tail is a big no. Get the style to be a bit more on the perm side; this will come up to be more naturally curly looking hair. Wash the hair and let it to dry and then fluff up the hair with your hands, if you think you have chubby cheeks then keep some of the curls on the roundness of the face. To add to the beauty of the hairstyle you can experiment with coloring your hair with different shades of blonde’s, coffee, wine red etc.

Heavy Hair and Curls

Talking for women who have heavy hair and already have curls then it will be an added advantage as you can simply wash the hair along with conditioning, you will not have to worry handling this type of haircut as these will not flow away with the wind, all you need to do is give bit of shape and style, go with a bit of wax to give it a different style and there is no problem in coloring your hair, though you will not look as lean as you wanted to look but it will definitely give a charm in your upper body and face, one more advise it to wear clothes which are not too baggy and take advise of your friends on what colors suit you the most. So wish you good luck.