Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thick HairThere is always a problem when you think of hairstyling no matter what is the texture of hair is. Unless you have some weight on your thick hair they always look big and poofy. A suggestion is to grow them out and be proud of them; if you go to the internet and Google ‘thick hair’ you will get all results on how to give life and volume to your thin hair. Talking about short hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair you will find that most of the women have thick hair as they start to age. You can get some help by reading this article on what hairstyles you can choose if you have thick hair.

Tips on managing thick hair

  • You should avoid frizz and make sure that your hair is always trimmed.
  • Look for shampoos and conditioner that give your hair look SLEEK.
  • While in shower flip your hair over, wash your scalp thoroughly to make sure you get rid of all the oil, sweat and grease that your thick hair easily accumulates.
  • While using a hair dryer never use a brush, take help of your fingers, if you want to use a comb then your hair should be 95% dry.
  • To give a frame to your face you can also straighten your hair also this will give you an overwhelming look.
  • If you usually have bangs you can thin them out by thinning scissors.

Below are some hairstyles you can adopt if you are women over 50 and have thick hair.

The Pixie

The Pixie style is traditionally that goes more towards very short cutting, however the modern pixie is more textured and choppy which have longer bangs which gives you a lot of styling options, the pixie cut goes best for women who have natural thick & wavy hair. This cut also works well for women who have square, oval or heart shaped faces.

The pompadour

In this trend of 2013 this hairstyle is considered to be very hot, the older women of today do not hesitate to change their looks, this kind of hairstyle usually feature the shaven side, this hairstyle is only recommended for women who have the guts to flaunt them and this is surely for women who have thick hair.

Unconstructed Bob

This is a classic hairstyle which never goes out of the trend, bob is a bit of mussy and unconstructed and has an edge to it, this haircut end at the chin or just a bit below, blunt bangs or fringes are added to give an edge to them. Women who have a nice jawline and long neck will look great in the unconstructed bob.

The Demi bob

As for many seasons the long bob is still in, the new name demi bob is given courtesy through the vogue magazine, the demi bob is a haircut that falls anywhere between the mid-neck to the shoulder level, if you want to look for images just Google out Images for this kind of demi bob cuts and surely you will like them.