Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50Now that you are 50 and you are confused on what type of hairstyle you should go with, confusion, confusion, confusion, there are a plenty of hairstyles to go with, keep in mind that you should have the confidence to carry it whether it may suit you or not. After all they are just like farming of crops, no matter they do not come the way you like still you have an option to try something the next time, and a promise is that you are not going bald. Forget what age you are in, if you are thinking about shoulder length layered hairstyles for women over 50 no matter you are a hairstylist or you are trying something of your own then you should have the confidence to carry some of these flattering hairstyles.

Popular Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Medium length layered hairstyles can make you reach new heights through these sassy, elegant and plain updos. Through this article you can get help on your new shoulder length layered hairstyles even when you are over 50.

Tousled and Teased

On this kind of hairstyle the soft ringlets lay down and flirt around the face the rest of the textured hair are swept up into beautiful twists. The bangs are kept up and off the face to give an elegant touch. This kind of styling will give you an inspiration for any kind of occasion you might visit.

Styling the hair

  • The first thing is the clean dry hair
  • Take small section of the hair and curl them up with a 1” sized barrel to curl and give a wavy texture.
  • Slightly tease up the crown to give a little volume.
  • Leave a few ringlets on you face and pull the rest of the hair twisting them with help of bobby pins.
  • Make sure the ringlets around the face are not too tight, soften them up with help of you finger if you find them too tight.

Bump and a Twist

This elegant hairstyle will work with any type of hair color; the most desired is the glowing copper hue. A teased crown, side parting and a sleek twist all coming together beautifully will give a low messy bun, do not let the age factor come in between, this hairstyle will give you a super cute look without looking too stuffy.

Styling the hair

  • Start with clean dry hair and part them to the side
  • Tease the top crown area with a fine toothed comb, push the hair to the roots and create a sleek bump by gently smoothening the hair.
  • Grabbing the hair above the ears twist up and back, add the hair travelling to the back of the head, twist them and take help of bobby pins.
  • Use your finger to mess them a bit, too secure the rest of the hair use hair pins if they are falling apart.
  • Spray the hair or you can use a hair serum so that you don’t have to get trouble gathering the moving hair through out the day.