Slimming Hairstyles for Overweight Women

Slimming Hairstyles for Overweight WomenHairstyles for overweight women should be flattering for the face and the body however it is very important that you should feel confident and beautiful on wearing these slimming hairstyles for overweight women. A women’s hair is like a crown on her head and should always be treated the same. There are a few important things to keep in mind while considering what type of hairstyle you are adopting.

Tips on slimming Hairstyles for Plus Sized Women


Length of the hair

Many a time’s hair which is too long does not really do much to give an overall look to the body and face. Long hair sometimes makes the wearer look much older or it can also obstruct the overall appearance of an overweight women. Plus size women should mostly consider hairstyle which is up to your shoulder. Keeping hair up to the shoulder level will not hamper your looks. Hairs falling down in one straight sheet become their own entity and people get attracted more towards your hair rather than noticing the size of you body.

Texture of hair

To give balance to your overall body you should look for full bodied locks, if you need to give volume to your hair their are shampoos, conditioners and many hair products that can help you give illusion of plumped up hair. Women who have curly hair already have abundance of texture; if the curls of your hair are tight you should look for long hair as they have the natural tendency to look short. If your hair is loose with waves and curls you should look for a haircut which can showcase them at their full advantage.


Bangs can be very tricky at times, bangs that a cut straight are not often the best to look good on curvy women or for women with round faces. Asymmetrical or wispy bangs that are draped to one side will give you a more flattering look, if you do not want the hair to constantly fall on your eyes It is recommended to choose haircut with lines and angles that can create an illusion of length and narrowness.

Color of hair 

To give a boost to your looks dyeing is the cheapest and quickest option, you should make sure that you choose the right color because if you get the right hairstyle for yourself and the color is not something that goes with it then it will completely ruin your looks. Good idea is to look for color which is a bit lighter or heavier than the natural color of your hair. This will give you a more natural look and will compliment your overall body.

Find a good hairstylist is very important in maintaining the appearance of  your hairstyle, do not look for different hairstylist as if you stick to just one good hairstylist he will know the best on how to maintain your hair. A reputable and experienced hairstylist will not only give you professional haircuts but will also be honest on advising you the right kind of haircut.