Suits for Overweight Men

Suits for Overweight MenClothing for oversized men is anyhow a nightmare and it becomes even worse when you think of suits for overweight men. Things will not always go bad so if you follow few of the tips while you take a visit to your tailor everything should work for you even if you are an overweight person, getting a fitted suit will not only boost your confidence but will also brighten up your personality. You will be able to find number of guides and tips on the internet however here the main focus is to get the right fitted suits for overweight men.

Tips on buying suits for a bigger guy

Go for a suit that fits you perfectly

Don’t go for a suit just because it can look good on you always go for a perfect fitting suit, if you think of buying a suit that can fit you well even when you are able to shed some weight then that’s not a good idea. Look for a suit that fits you well at the current shape of your body. If you are going for a smaller size definitely you will feel uncomfortable and you might be at risk of flashing the fat at the wrong places. Also the risk of wearing a suit that is too small might bring a thought on other persons mind that the suit is tightly fitted just because you are overweight. On the other hand if you wear a suit that it too big then it might be just hanging on your body giving you a much heavier look.

Go for dark colors

Most often you will find that suits come in dark colors, though you will also find that suits come in light and bright colors however these are not a good option for overweight men as these colors catch the eye of other people and it can give you a feeling of looking fat. Also you should avoid wearing suit in contrast especially contrast that is on the waist area as it will draw attention on your big belly. Colors like dark navy blue, grey and black fits best on fat men, the one which is a favorite is the suit with combination of a darkish blue shirt and grey trousers.


While thinner men don’t have difficulty in deciding where exactly to wear a waistband but for fat men it is a difficult decision. While thinner men can simply put the waistband somewhere around the middle however fat men you will have to give some attention on this issue as you just don’t want to look like a fatty bum on the occasion. It is advisable for large men to try different styles of suits and put the waistband around your hip region so that it gives you some shape.

Short Jackets

You will find yourself much wider if you plan on wearing a short jacket; wear a medium size jacket as this will help you cover the fleshy parts around your waist and hips. Though you might also not like wearing a frockcoat but short jackets don’t work either.