Top Ten Things Men Look For In A Woman

Top Ten Things Men Look For In A WomanMen how they should be loved or hated! You just can’t do without them. Most of the women are unable to understand their man and what they look for in a woman. It is sometimes hard to believe that men are from mars and that makes them brave, fierce and independent. He is the primary source and should be given importance by his women. Coming back to the topic below you can find top ten things men look for in a woman though they can vary from person to person.

Ten things men look for in a woman

Fun loving

Putting this aspect in the tenth position a man wants fun in relationship. He always wants to share his interests with his woman. According to his taste he may enjoy indoor or outdoor sports and if you don’t enjoy yourself the man may not like your company.

Dressing sense

In the ninth place dressing sense is something that a man likes in a woman. A man prefers his woman who looks good and can sizzle him with her dressing sense. Not every woman is beautiful and there is nothing much she can do about it except by putting a little makeup.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene matters a lot, like your body odor. Man like woman who follow general hygiene like manicure, pedicure and facial. With this kind of personal hygiene a man creates a fetish for her woman.


The seventh aspect is that men do not like woman with a lot of makeup. A man wants his woman to look natural and if necessary just put on a little bit. They ogle at woman who put tones of makeup.

Past relationships

Putting into the sixth as place a man always wants to know about the past relationships of her woman however on the other hand he thinks he has the liberty not to disclose his own. When a woman candidly answers to all his questions he like the honesty of the woman. He always wants to know the bitter truths about her woman.

Delicious food    

A man always like woman who cook well and this is something what he really expects from her. It is said that the stomach is the way to a man’s hearts. If he likes what you cook then he will love you more.

Nagging free woman

A man loves woman who are free, they hate if a woman tells her what to do and what not. This is something which is hard to find but this is true.


What a man also looks in a woman is that she should not exploit them for example he always wants to spend in a limit and does not spend on her woman’s luxuries.

Commitment and Dedication

The second aspect that a man wants from his woman is commitment and dedication, her natural smile and pleasing things she does makes a man to love her more.


The most important thing a man looks for in a woman is her love, what can be anything important other than love. If you give him his space he will be all yours to keep.