Wardrobe Essential For College Girls

Wardrobe Essential For College GirlsCollege for girls is another fashion hub where they can showcase their beauty and style. They don’t hesitate in trying any trendy or eye catching fashion art to get few heads turners. And why not! Teen age is as such, especially with girls when they start getting attracted to the opposite sex in the most adorable form. This is high time for each teen girl to set up a wardrobe in such a way that it has all those essentials which she will need to showcase her beautiful looks for admiration from fellow guys. Let’s have a looks at some wardrobe essentials for college girls which are a must to stand above from the crowd.

College Fashion for Teen Girls

A Little Black Dress

This is one best outfit that allows you to flaunt in different looks. Each time you wear it, wear with some experiments and change of accessories. It will make you look astonishing with no repeat dress dilemma!

Skin Fit Pants

No girl wardrobe should lack these body revealing skin tight pants. These are as flattering as your beautiful skin. Flaunt your wonderfully shaped legs with these pants.

Short Motorbike Jacket

Oh! And here comes the best suggestion. Keep this jacket for a sultry night out with friends or someone special during college vacations or any party.

Ankle Boots

How can you ignore the significance of having these boots as an essential wardrobe item? These complement with your short and smart dresses and add a bountiful look to your personality.

Chic headbands and headwraps

For looking like a trendy fashion follower, you also have to select some unique headbands or hairwraps which can spice up your looks.

Sling bags

This suits best for teen college goers. You look chic with a perfect choice of sling bag. Don’t forget to add a collection of some cool sling bags in your wardrobe.

White T-Shirts

Of course you also need to have a dozen of colored t-shirts but a girl’s wardrobe without white t-shirts is seen as a fashion disaster. You need to understand the sensuality of wearing few white tees with your denim short pants or funky jeans.


This is the most painful yet attractive fashion love for women and when it’s about college bees, having a pair or two or even more becomes too essential for being in the group.

A Pair of Classic Chic Shades

You would like to wear your shades with that short jacket and a pair of denims when on a bike ride with your crush in the college. A perfect choice of shades would enhance your looks in the same way as you do to your crush’s bike. Bingo!

Few Neutral Shades of Lipsticks and Lipbalms

All girls love to pamper those sensuous lips. For this you would need to pair up a section of your wardrobe with these essentials.

Waist Belts

Need it or not, keeping few trendy waist belts in your wardrobe helps in flaunting that perfectly toned waist in your age!

Few Flats

Not every time you can afford to walk in heels and not even boots all the time allure you. Therefore keeping some flats for such occasions would help.