What Color Shoes to Wear With Cobalt Blue Dress

What color shoes to wear with cobalt blue dressBlue is a color that is soothing and that calms the mind. This is also a color that gives you an impression of being haughty and cold especially when you are wearing shades that are more deep bluish. Blue is a color that is a favorite for most of the women and they like wearing dresses in this beautiful color, they also feel a sense of calmness wearing this, while we are talking about what color shoes to wear with cobalt blue dress then you can get a bit of help by reading some more in this article.

As this color seems to be very strong to the eyes of the other person so you will need some tips and tricks on choosing the color of shoes to wear with this stunning cobalt blue dress.

Shoe colors to choose with cobalt blue dress

Mustard Inspiration

When you think of Mustard color you will feel that there is something different with this combination with blue. It is feeling something like two people who are in love. This is a color which gives a contrast and accentuates the cobalt blue dress. Adding a mustard color handbag or headband will give you a fantastic appearance.

Kelly Green

Many of you might think how can green go with blue, why not? If you look at the clear blue sky with a lush green lawn you will find amazing combination of the nature. Kelly heel shoes will work wonders when paired with cobalt blue dress. As these are two vivid colors so make sure that you go for shoes that provide less coverage. High-heel sandals, kitten-heel pumps or delicate ankle-strap are some of the styles that will look great for the onlookers and adds a kick on the color.

Blacky Black

There are certain women who think that a combination of blue with black is very common and a big no to the fashion, to let you know this is an old method of dressing and the combination is just great. To give a striking and sophisticated look give this contrast to your cobalt blue dress and you will see how well this will work for you, a polished black will give you a sleek look as well. Hop or pop on a strappy black high-heel sandals or classic black pumps and see how it completes your appearance.

Silver and Brown

If you want to add an extra bit of glitz and glamour go with this neutral combination of silver with cobalt blue dress. Make sure that the pair of your silver shoes pop up a lot of shine and reflects tons of light, to add a dose of sparkle go with the metallic pumps as already the cobalt blue dress provides enough eye catching color. Talking about the brown it calls for an equally laid back pairing it up with the cobalt blue dress with your footwear. For getting a subtle interest on the eyes of the onlookers look for a pair of shoes that have prints for example leopard printed shoes or go for strappy wedges as they give a modern and day to day chic look.