What Color Shoes To Wear With Gold Dress

What color shoes to wear with gold dressYou already have a stunning gold dress and now you are looking for the right color of shoes to match up with the dress, now obviously a thought will rise in your mind that you will either make it or break it. The shimmering effect of the gold dress already gets the attraction now what color shoes to wear with gold dress is something to think about.

One important factor when you are looking for a pair of shoes to match up with your gold dress is that they should match with the style and color of your dress. Just to give an example if you are wearing a cocktail dress you would not like to wear green flip-flops also on the other side if you are wearing a casual dress then you will like to match it up with the same casual shoes.

How to get it right with gold dress

Color selection

Depending on the weather and the time of year you may like to wear a dress that is light or dark, shoes that are jeweled toned such as the emerald green or ruby red that goes in contrast with your gold dress will pop up both the dress and the shoes. Wearing a gold dress can be a great choice however finding and matching the exact shade can be tough at times. You can find some stores like the bridal boutiques which offer you with dyeing services, only thing you need to do is take the dress to the store and they find the similar shade that of the dress and they will dye the shoes according to it. This can be the ideal choice for you however not all shoes can be dyed so you will have to check the manufacturers logo to check whether they can be dyed or not.

The Style and texture

If you are wearing a gold dress which is styled with sequins, button, beads or embroidery then you should look for shoes that have the same characteristics that of your dress. Shoes should go according to the dress for instance if you are wearing a plain gold dress then look for plain shoes. If the dress is metallic gold then look for metallic shoes. Depending upon the season shoes come in different styles and colors, you might like to go for typical sandals in the warmer season and closed toe shoes if it is cold.

Shoe Colors for Gold dress

Since it is considered that metals go well with other metals however women think it is best to wear gold color shoes with gold dress. There are other colors as well that go with the gold dress, you can think of royal blues, emerald green and also ruby reds they go really well gold dress, these are a few colors that give a contrast to the dress and also pop out both the dress and the shoes. Though it is difficult to pin point the perfect color for gold dress however the few colors mentioned above will definitely be worth with the stunning gold dress.