What Color Shoes To Wear With Gold Sequin Dress

What color shoes to wear with gold sequin dressOk so you are thinking of wearing or buying a gold sequin dress and you are not too sure what shoe color you should be wearing with the shiny and eye catching dress. As the gold is vibrant color by itself so you should not have too much to think about the color of shoes. If you are thinking about what color shoes to wear with gold sequin dress then you have a lot of options, colors like black, red, white, or even the matching golden shoes will work out for you.The gold sequin dress already has an attractive look that catches the eye, so the best option for you is to let the dress be the centre of attraction, a gold dress is best paired with black hosiery and shoes which will give you a chic and elegant look, below in the article you will find some stylish and sexy color shoes that will look amazing with your gold sequin dress.

Shoe styles and color for gold sequin dress

Black shoes

Since your dress is already in gold so the contrast of black shoes will be an idle choice, now that you have detailed sequin in your gold dress so this will make the gold sequin dress even more interesting, you should experiment with strappy sandals or pumps. To make yourself look a lot more glamorous then you should hop into some high heeled sandals.

Gold on Gold

If you want to add sparkle with sparkle go with the golden shoes, gold shoes look great with any outfit however make sure that these golden shoes are not too shiny as you might appear to be overdone with your appearance. Look for Sergio rossi or Capelli butterfly on the web and then you can get more ideas about the sandals.

Gold embroidered shoes

Another great option is the combination of the gold sequin dress with gold embroidered shoes, go with some dark shades; you can see the pictures of these kinds of sandals or boots on the web just by typing gold embroidered shoes. To avoid looking too flashy do not over accessorize your self wear simple jewelry and bags in contrasting colors.

The Nude

You might have heard praises about the nude, it does not matter what kind of shade you choose for your gold sequin dress nude is one of the best option to accompany the gold, and nude is the color that matches up with almost any kind of dresses for example the short or even the long dresses. If plan on wearing short gold sequined dress then high heeled will work for you and wear flats if you go for long.

Metallic Magic

To get a classy look then metallic is the best choice; you can coordinate your shoes and jewelry with any kind of shades of metallic like gold, silver or copper, if you look deeply you will find that metallic works great especially on sandals. As you may not like that people get distracted from your beautiful dress to the shoes so you should avoid wearing very high heeled metallic pumps.