What Color Shoes To Wear With Ivory Dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory dressHave you prepared an ivory dress for the evening but not too sure about the shoe color which can match with this amazing attire. Don’t worry! deep down this article, you would be able to decide which color would be apt for your shoes with the ivory dress.

Most of the times, it is easy to get a dress but choosing on shoe color becomes tedious. So here we will talk about one and only one shoe color which can go with ivory outfits and this match is unbeatable. So don’t panic about what color shoes to wear with ivory dress or what not, this one color and its multiple shades can be paired with your ivory dress which will be a treat for the eyes!

Blue is that Color

Ivory and blue color is a great combination which is just apt and eye soothing. Any ivory dress paired with blue color shoes looks as great as possible. Blue shoes add a spectacular effect to your ivory clothing. Even the fashion experts don’t stop their selves from suggesting blue and ivory combination fearlessly to each skin color. This color combination fixes all color issues regarding clothing, jewellery, shoes and accessories. In fact, it is advisable to try this combo whenever you couldn’t figure out any other right combination for a special occasion. Blue and Ivory can be your all time favourite color combinations which you can choose to complement your dress and personality that this combo shapes up! Coming back to shoe color, not just plain blue can be a right fit for your ivory dress. You have to do a little toil and select which shade of blue color makes your dress and shoes appear as ‘made for each other’ combination. Let’s choose only right shoe color shade for your ivory dress.

Turquoise Blue

If you have an ivory dress which is on a little darker side, then going with turquoise blue shoes can be a right choice. Turquoise blue is a brighter shade of blue and pairing it with darker ivory shade will add contrasting effect and you would not have to do much effort to let people notice both, your intelligent shoe color selection and the exclusive ivory dress at the same time.

Navy Blue

Opposite of the above explanation! Pair up your light shade ivory dress with darker navy blue shoes and accessory to create a color balance. Unlike turquoise, navy blue shoes would give ivory dress a room for flattering by keeping the cool and calm effect at the bottom.

Teal Blue

This is yet another fantastic blue color shade to match with your ivory dress. If you are planning to wear ivory dress, then pairing it up with teal blue color shoe can be stealer! Teal blue looks good with ivory and this combination is stunning.

Royal Blue

Royal blue shoes with ivory dress, be it short tunic or a long gown or frock, royal blue shoes helps enhance the looks of your dress, it being the most appealing blue color shade and too hot for pairing with any ivory dress. So the next time you go out with ivory dress on, don’t forget to check out your wardrobe for any of these blue color shoes!