What Color Shoes To Wear With Ivory Lace Dress

What color shoes to wear with ivory lace dressNow that you are thinking about an ivory lace dress you should know that this is a very decent light color. Before we get deep about the topic the first thing is to keep in mind is the style and the material of your lace dress because this can guide you to find the right kind of color and type of shoe to compliment the dress. Shoes that have a bold and a strong look like the printed or leather one’s will look silly with the ivory lace dress.

 Now that we are talking about what color shoes to wear with ivory lace dress then do not forget the small details about the dress for example if your dress has metallic beading, lace or silver accents then you can easily play with the shoes.Few of the best colors that will match with your ivory lace dress are the white, ivory, metallic and the gold. Also if you want to try out by something different then the blue, purple, red, green and the pink are also good options.

Discussing the colors

Color sophisticated shoes

You can find many colors which are sophisticated and also if you are looking for shoes which come along with the style then colors like gold and silver and the one with high heels are great. Nine west is one of the stores you can look for as they make sling back shoes which are called karoo and these can be found in Macy’s this will be the perfect choice for ivory lace dress. If your priority is more towards the comfort then look for bandolinodottie” sandals that have crisscross straps on the front and a strap at the back.

Fun with Shoes

If you are the one who loves to give a fun and flashy look to yourself then sandals with colored heels are a great choice, you can find them with shades of blue, pink, red, green etc. If you pair up the ivory dress with these colors then you will find them more flashy and yet not too simple. If you visit Tommy Hilfiger you will find that they make these kinds of red wedges which are called Chavella these are fun to be paired with dress in ivory.

Dressing it down

If your lace dress is the one that is a sun dress or the occasion is to visit the beach side or some other casual event then the best shoes to wear are the flats in light shades, these flats can be the closed toe or even the straps or thong sandals, you should always avoid the white and the black as they tend to clash with the ivory dress. One example for a dressier shoe is the Chinese laundry good time flats with closed toe and again you will be able to find them in Macy’s, these are dressy however also on the casual side. These shoes come with prints of different color like red, blue, green, silver, gold and many more colors with the use of sequins which can give a contrast to the ivory dress and to give a fun and casual look at the same time.