What Color Shoes To Wear With Kelly Green Dress

What color shoes to wear with kelly green dressKelly green is a color that is eye catching, beautiful and classic and that pops up comparing to most of the other colors. This is one of the colors that is not so common, so if you plan out wearing a dress in Kelly green it is almost guaranteed that no one else would be wearing this color. This is also a color in which even if you plan on wearing a black dress and if you accessorize yourself with Kelly green even then it pops up for example wear a Kelly green necklace, earrings or bag with a black outfit and see the difference it makes.

There are a few beautiful colors that go great with green dress and if you are thinking on what color shoes to wear with Kelly green dress then to name a few are black, nude, beige, white and metallic.

Color shoes to wear with Kelly green

Black Magic

You can wear the beautiful Kelly green dress with black pumps this is one great option as a footwear for this Kelly green dress, also if you give extra additions of accessories then this dress will work even more great, if the neckline of your dress is simple then you can wear a necklace in quartz or a light colored stone pendant, wear a black colored nail polish and carry a black colored but not a very stylish handbag.

Metallic Magic

One of the colors that goes well with Kelly green is the metallic, since green is a bold and an attractive color so the pairing of metallic will give a contrast and yet will give an elegant look. You can choose the jewelry in metallic or even the same green color. Think about platform shoes on the gorgeous dress even the high heeled ones will give compliment to the dress.  High heeled will go well with a short dress while for longer dresses you can go with sandals that do not have very high heels.

Beige or Nude

As the Kelly green color is the one that pops up so nude or beige color will work well, this is a technique that works well when you are unable to think what can be the best color of shoes to match up the beautiful dress. In this option you will catch the attention more on the dress rather than anything else. You can go with beige knee high boots if the dress is short this will bring out a hot and sexy look for yourself.

White Wonder

The shoes or sandals will add a peaceful and sophisticated look to the green dress, think about wearing a white belt pairing it up with white stilettos or go for the strappy one’s this will also give a stylish look to your legs along with the green dress, add a white colored bag and turquoise color drop earrings. To name a few of the sandals that work great with the Kelly green dress are the kitten heels, tall boots, ballet flats, white pumps, wedges and one that gives and amazing contrast is the “oxfords”.