What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress

What color shoes to wear with plum dressIf you are shopping or even if you do a window shopping you will never miss on the purple, plum or wine. These are some colors that are associated with royalty and nobility. If you have plans to wear a plum dress and you are confused on how to pair up the right color of shoes or what color shoes to wear with a plum dress then you do not have to do a lot of home work. FYI there are a number of shoe colors that can go with a plum dress. You can get help with this article if you want to know how you can match up the right color shoes for your plum dress.

Style of the Dress

One thing that is important is the style of your dress if you want to know the perfect shoe color to pair it up with. There is a big difference if you plan on wearing a short dress, a simple gown or a gothic looking denim dress some other considerations are whether your dress has any secondary color in it. If it has then it is easy to play the shoe color with your dress.

Shoe Colors to choose for plum dress


Plum of course is the most conventional choice for a plum dress, to pull off this plum color you should be having a pair of shoes that can be professionally dyed. This is the one and only choice if you want to pair off the color with your dress infact this is the ideal choice for any kind of dress. If you plan on wearing a casual dress the color of the shoes should also be casual however the shade of the shoes can be entirely different.


Black is the color that can go with almost anything however the black may tend to be a bit harsh on the plum dress, this pairing can work with most casual dresses as you can intentionally give yourself a gothic look. In this type of a scenario your concentration will be more towards the boots rather than shoes though Mary Janes is a good option. The black is more preferred in winters than in summers though there is no such hard and fast rule.


The most conventional choice for formal and semi formal dresses is the silver. If you want to appear more attractive and want to catch the eyes pair the plum dress with a bit more silver accessories like silver earrings, necklace or even a bag. This will give you a sophisticated look and will tie the look together.


White is also one of the colors that go with many casual dresses, the combination of white with the plum dress will give a contrasting effect. If the pair of shoes have purple laces this will look even more authentic, you can go with this option only when your dress is in a lighter shade of plum. If you dress is in a darker shade then you should try on some other option otherwise the pairing of the two colors will be too contrasting.