What Color Shoes To Wear With Taupe Dress

What color shoes to wear with taupe dressOne good thing about a taupe color is that it carries a shade of brighter color so colors with dark shade go best with the taupe dress. Another great thing about the taupe is that apart from looking fabulous in the taupe colored dress is the versatility of this color. Taupe is considered to be neutral in color so if we think about the shoes in the closet just about any color shoes will do. If you want to know more about what color shoes to wear with taupe dress then you may get ideas by reading a bit more in the article below. To add on there are a few more colors that will add extra flair to your outfit and will perfectly compliment the taupe dress just as you see in the red-carpet.

Shoe Colors to wear with taupe dress


To bring out the spark in yourself you can go with the combination of sparking silver, gold, bronze or gunmetal. According to some sources it is said that metallic shoes function like the neutral however they are more attractive comparing to the black. So you have the freedom to sparkle and rock yourself with the super glittery and the shiny strappy sandals with the beautiful taupe dress. To bring in more depth to the dress you can add some contrasting accessories like bags, necklaces and nail polish in the same colors of silver, gold or bronze.

Brighter hues

Most girls have a closet that are filled with numerous pair of shoes, so search your closet and if you have a pair of those red pumps or the bright teal wedges that haven’t been used for quite some time then now is the time to pull them out and hop into them. One thing to make sure is that if they are appropriate for the event. You can also wear a pair of sleek looking heels to make your feet the centre of attraction along with the taupe dress which will dazzle with the bright hue.


If you have the taupe dress which is meant for some formal or a professional event then it is obvious that you will have to keep your looks a bit toned down. So this is the time when your footwear should be with neutral heels or flats. Now that your taupe dress is in neutral color so you can never go wrong wearing any color like black, navy, white, cream or brown.


Whether it is day or night you do not have to limit yourself on just wearing the solid colors with your taupe dress. Choosing an animal print with your taupe dress is a subtle way of mixing the variety of these fabulous prints. To show a bit of your glamorous looks you can wear a simple print of leopard or python printed hues. Now that you have chosen to wear these kinds of hues you will have to carry yourself with a lot of boldness and confidence to flatter with the pairing of this taupe dress with the hues.