What to Wear In 60 Degree Weather

What to Wear In 60 Degree WeatherWe often have questions on what to wear in summers, winter, autumn or spring however mostly it depends upon the temperature in any time of the year. Also we think about the style of clothes when it is not too hot neither it’s very chilly. Here the question is on what to wear in 60 degree weather where you will find this weather to be the best time to try on wearing different styles of clothing. Wearing the attire which goes according to this kind of weather will give you much comfortable feeling during your outdoor activities. The kind of attire may be different for different people this means while youngster can go with a T-Shirt and jeans however an elderly person may need clothing with Layers. Good thing in 60 degree weather is that you can add and remove clothes according to the temperature of your body which also changes as per your activities.

What to wear when it is 60 degrees

Your personal preferences

The heat of the body differs from person to person, so your personal preference matters on wearing on what you feel comfortable in. While there is a young adult who is sweating with his activities their will a kid or aged person who might feel the chill at the same time. You can wear shorts if you are a person who feels much warmer on your legs, elderly people should wear layered clothing also you should be aware that small children have thinner and sensitive skin so they may feel more colder than average adults. You might not like wearing a coat or a jacket in the 60 degree weather however a small child or an aged person might require it however they can always take it off if they feel too warm wearing it.

Layered Dressing for 60 degree weather

Layered dressing is one the best options in this kind of a weather as you have the option to wear and remove depending upon the level of heat your body regulates. If you feel the chill of the mornings and evenings then women can wear skirts with leggings or tights with T-Shirt under a full sleeved shirt as this will give you an option to add or remove the layering according to the temperature. Short sleeved T-Shirt can be worn with a jacket with trousers or jeans. Similarly a Shirt can be paired with a thin cardigan.

Fashion quotient : mixing fashion

The attire for people who are conscious about fashion can be more complex comparing attire for people who wear clothes depending on the comfort level. Mixing of seasonal clothing goes best in this kind of weather, tanks or camis can be paired up with trousers or pants also white capris or jeans can go well with long button down shirts. Short sleeved shirts go well with jackets and coats, you can wear scarves around your neck with this you can retain the heat around these parts of your body. Dressy cardigans match great with cocktail dresses for your evening wear. Trench coats, fashionable blazers can be paired up with sleeveless or short sleeves shirts and T-Shirt.