What to Wear In 70 Degree Weather

What to Wear In 70 Degree WeatherYou cannot really predict the weather when it is 70 degrees; the weather can be quite hot and cold at the same time as the springs are on their way to knock the doors. This will be the time when you can get rid of all the winter clothing like overcoats, sweaters, mufflers etc. To some people this kind of weather seems to be cold and to others a bit warm. Now deciding upon what to wear in 70 degree weather will depend on the age and the body temperature of a person as well.

Best Clothes to wear in 70 degree weather

Short’s and Skirts for Women

As the temperature can be unpredictable from cold to warm, women can wear shorts and skirts and look stylish as well, since the weather can be cold but not too cold so you can also wear leggings with V neck T shirts and tops. Since it the time when the winters are saying goodbye so you do not have to think much on the colors that will suit you. You can wear bright colors that do not attract the heat of the sun too much. You can wear light colored shorts or skirts with a white full sleeve shirt or T Shirt, wearing a full sleeve can help you get rid of sun burns. If you are not too comfortable wearing shorts or skirts you have the option to wear jeans, cargo or Capri pants, these will help women to stay warmer who have higher body temperature.

Clothing for Men

Clothing for men in 70 degrees is not something that you have to think too much about, they have all the freedom to wear everything from trousers, jeans, cargo pants or even shorts if you decided on an outing or fun at the beach side. Men can cover their upper part of the body with anything from formal or trendy shirts and T Shirts. The color is again not a problem as the weather is both on the cooler and warmer side. Also you can wear sweat shirts with a pair of jeans as mostly this combination is something that every man will prefer due to the comfort reasons.

Accessories for women

As the women will not get enough options for layered clothing and women often need love to wear accessories so you can carry fancy bags or purses along with you, you can also get some cool looks through styling of your hair, as the temperature is not too hot neither to cold so you can wear any type of hairstyles, you can leave your hair open or you can also style them according to the occasion.

Shoes to wear

Keeping in mind that weather in the evening can turn out to be much colder so you can also wear Ugg boots, for a more casual and comfortable look you can also try these boots with denim jeans or even shorts, remember to carry along a leather jacket or blazer to keep yourself warm.