Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Fix Them

With the arrival of winter and cold weather, you should know that women frequently make mistakes beauty in their daily body treatment.

Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

• Hot Shower – Whenever the temperature drops below 10 degrees, women want to stay forever in the shower hot. Standing under the running hot water for more than 15 minutes, the top layer of skin protection is exposed and gradually dries. Reduce the amount of hot water or get out of the shower to avoid.

Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

• Cleaning – In winter, the air is much drier and tends to dry the skin, so you need to choose hydration products, such as milk cleanser and a nourishing cream for the face.

• Foundation for dry skin – Before applying foundation or any other beauty product, you must first apply a moisturizer.

• Lip balm choice – In winter, most people have cracked lips. Therefore, you must take care of them properly and replace lipstick or lip gloss with a moisturizing lip balm.

• Feet – You should not neglect your feet. The only thing is you get dry skin and the recovery will be more difficult in the spring.

• Lack of UV protection – Even if the sun is felt less in winter, it still makes himself invisible effects. Dermatologists recommend using a moisturizer with a sun protection factor at least 30.

• Self Tanner – Note that summer tan lasts not long and disappears in winter. This should remind you automatically and the darker bronzes that you used in summer, in winter must be at least one or two shades lighter.

• Hats – It recommended using a hat in cold weather to protect hair and scalp from wind and cold air. Combined humidity and dry air can make hair shine and volume.

• The use of the hair dryer – After the bath, dab with a towel softer your hair and leave it to dry freely at room temperature.

Winter Beauty Tips and Tricks

Winter Beauty Tips and Tricks

1) Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner pencil to make sure that your makeup will resist. If the foundation flows due to weather, apply a little powder on top of translucent before facing weather.

2) Hydration-As in the case of the skin, the hair tends to become dry with decreasing temperatures. The hydration is very important. Use at least once a week a treatment or a strong moisturizing hair mask. Opt for those with olive oil.

3) Softener Dryer it is a “must” – This product should not miss from the ritual care of your hair. In winter, can be very helpful for a dry hair conditioner that prevents frizz and split wires. In addition, balsam, regardless of type, contains nutrients that nourish and regenerate hair. It also makes it easier to comb and prevents breakage.

4) Pay attention to hats and hats! Avoid those made from plastic that can be aggressive with hair.

5) Limit the use of styling appliances-Curling or straightening machines do anything but dry even more the damaged hair, especially at this period is already much sensitive because temperatures.

6) Use lower temperatures for drying hair.

7) Hair cut tips- Dry hair beginning at the tips. Try to mow more often during this period.

8) Eat healthy for a beautiful hair- Whatever type of shampoo and hair care products that you use, if you are missing important nutrients in your diet your hair will look messy. Mineral deficiency (iron, zinc), protein and calories results in inadequate nutrition of the hair, which will fall due to weak root. Brittle or dry hair can be caused by iron deficiency, zinc and / or vitamin C.

9) For beautiful hair, brush your hair before you wash it. In this way you will remove some of the impurities. Massage your scalp gently to increase the blood circulation. Rinse well to remove the shampoo. Do not use hot water to wash. If time allows you, let your hair dry naturally. In this way you will keep hydrated and will look healthier. Do not use the brush until it is dry. Wet hair is more fragile and easily broke.

10) Cream chosen must not only moisturize the skin, but also to protect against cold air outside. Choose a body lotion and apply it immediately after showering, before you remove the towel.

11) For added protection during the day, apply lotion before sleeping; cover your hands with gloves and feet with socks, so creams to moisturize deeply.

Winter skincare mistakes to avoid

Washing with hot water – The skin surface contains a lipid layer which protects it from harmful environmental factors, especially cold and pollution. When you use too hot water to wash yourself, you’re removing the protective layer of your skin so necessary for its health. Consequently, the skin dries quickly and becomes rough and irritated.

Do you exfoliate your skin too often – Exfoliation helps you keep your skin clean, fresh and healthy. But as is true in most other things, moderation is the key. If you exfoliate your skin too often, you can predispose to irritation and dryness or small injuries. Exfoliate once a week if your skin is dry and even rarer, if is normal.

Do not rinse enough – Both hands and face, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water is absolutely necessary every time. Traces of soap can dry your hands and skin very hard, especially if is aggressive, as it is when you’re using the toilets from institutions, restaurants etc.

Do you use disinfectant – Such products, which often have a very high alcohol content, dry very strong the hands skin, especially in winter. Replace these alcohol-based solutions (mentioned on product labels as “ethanol” or “alcohol”) with baby wipes, which cleans your skin without drying.

You forget to apply moisturizer – Because your skin to cope with low temperatures it needs daily help from you. Apply in the morning and night, moisturizer for the face and hands; it is necessary to always have with you a nourishing cream that you apply to several times a day.

Avoid products that contain alcohol – Whether the hair care or the body products, try as much as possible to avoid those with alcohol. When it evaporates, there is a sense of revival of the skin, but also the cooling. Given that you are exposed to cold air outside, you should not throw tons of it in several parts.

Natural & homemade tips for winter beauty care

Against excessive drying and flaking, dull appearance, sometimes redness, sometimes harsh, the lack of elasticity or even the appearance of eczema or wounds from winter, you should use only natural or homemade beauty care products.

homemade tips for winter beauty care

The most exposed areas are skin, throat, lips and hands, and they are the best indicators of age.

1) It is recommended to use warm water instead of hot water that whole body to maintain the protective lipid layer of the skin. Shortening showers and baths, along with maintaining a lower temperature will help you to keep your skin hydrated in cold weather.

2) Soaps used should be natural, without parabens, preferably soft, not harsh (and natural soaps are softer than cosmetic trade), but especially to be rich in nutrients and moisturizing.

3) Choose natural soap, at least in the winter, as oily skin also need for further hydration.

4) For facial skin, use natural specific cleaning and cleansing products or floral waters which will offer a discreet scent of orange blossom, chamomile, lavender or water of roses – a natural cleanser commonly used in the beauty spa.

5) Another technique used in spas and which you can use it at home, is deep cleaning of facial skin with natural soap without water, carried by a gentle massage immediately after cleansing with rose water. Nutrients of natural soap penetrate much more deeply into the pores, leaving your skin soft and clean.

6) Another recommendation for treating dry skin in winter is daily use of natural emollient products; preferably always carry in your bag, to moisturizing your skin whenever you feel the need.

7) Cream is a natural example. It is rich, lush, which means a higher skin moisturizing protection. If you use it correctly, it will hydrate the skin thoroughly without greasy or shiny to appear. Natural moisturizing creams are a joy especially for mature skin that requires more intense hydration.

8) Because lips are more exposed to cold, you could choose a natural lip balm: mint, herbal and citrus. Choose those containing emollient, natural ingredients, thus preventing cracking of the lips: cocoa butter and coconut oil, essential oils of course accompanied with discreet fragrance.

9) For sensitive skin, scaling and roughness in their hands, often reaching injuries caused by cold weather. The solution is to always wear a pair of gloves in your bag up and body butter with Argan Oil, Shea butter and natural orange or cream hands. Body Butter with Argan Oil, Shea Butter and orange extract is recommended in these extreme cases of scaling, severity and wounds on the hands for this combination of natural ingredients that help to hasten healing, providing extra hydration.